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First let me say that I truly admire Jennifer and her amazing gift. After the reading, I felt so truly connected to her as if she was a part of my family. She brought so much comfort and peace to my husband and I. We could never thank her enough for the clarity and comfort she brought into our lives. Emotions to this degree can never be forgotten. She altered our life in the most amazing way possible (after marriage and child birth of course!). 
My husband lost his brother a few years ago and I was on the hunt to find someone or something to bring him a connection. Since his brother passed, many other family members have had a "sign" from him but my husband had not. They were very close only 21 months apart. I found Jennifer online and for some reason her website called to me and I had saved her number in my phone. After a few weeks of debating it, I finally reached out to her and she responded back right away. It was so easy to make an appointment with her, it made me feel validated that it was meant to be that we meet with her. Literally within 2 days of contacting her, she was sitting in front of us in our home. 
My husband and I scheduled a reading with Jennifer for a few reasons but mainly to connect with his brother. My husband was of course skeptical but as she tuned into him she first discussed his current struggle in life around career. She nailed him!! It was exactly what he needed to hear. I couldn't help but giggle because it was like she had known him for years! After her initial reading of him, she allowed him to ask a question but told him to be very general. He asked a question simply about baseball and she was able to tie that to his brother. It was surreal! She could sense my brother in law's personality, how close they were and she knew so many things about his passing and the guilt that surrounded it. I could literally see my husband breathe. It was truly amazing to watch Jennifer give him a much needed connection that he hadn't truly felt in 3 years. There are no words to describe the feeling my husband felt and he was so incredibly thankful.
I had no intentions of receiving a reading myself but to only be there to support my husband. But it was my turn. When Jennifer first arrived she mentioned that there was a child spirit coming through pretty strongly on her way over. I disregarded it and truly didn't think anything of it at the time. She asked me some questions about the loss of a child which happened to me when I was 18 years old, now 34. I could not believe my ears.... I was very young then, I made a decision and I have felt so much guilt. I truly hid and buried it deep inside in my heart for all these years. As she spoke about him (I never knew he was a boy), she talked about happiness and forgiveness. She explained to me that we are all spirits in a body and that spirits don't ever die. (I will never forget that description for the rest of my life). She spoke about how he really is my guardian angel and that I should embrace that and not hide behind the guilt. She told me to let him in. Once I gained my composure, I felt so at peace but also felt closer to this child spirit. A feeling I had never allowed myself to feel before. It has given me a new outlook on my life as a mother but how I mother all my children. Finally, I was allowed to ask her a question and at that time, I just couldn't think of anything. I was so beside myself. Jennifer was able to tune into me and she knew so much about my family and some of their struggles. She sensed loneliness on my father's side of the family which we were able to tie to my grandfather. My grandfather had been placed on hospice the day before Jennifer arrived at my home. She told me to spend as much time as I could with him because he wasn't doing well. She also knew that my older sister was refusing to come see him. She encouraged me to get her down here as soon as possible to see him. I spent every single minute with him the days following our reading and she was right, he passed away 4 days later. I tried to convince my sister as Jennifer told me to and surprisingly without a word, my sister arrived 4 hours before my grandfather passed away. It was late at night and he died before she could get to see him in the morning. If it wasn't for Jennifer, I would have never been able to say my goodbye to him. I would have never had those wonderful last moments with him. He passed away sort of suddenly. He was talking one day and gone the next. 
As many of her testimonials say, she really is the "real deal". We will never forget her. We will never forget what she said. We will never forget how she made us feel. She tapped into our hearts and souls which will forever make her special to us. As I wipe my tears, I want to say "Thank You"... Thank you Jennifer so much from the bottom of my heart. 
(M&J G. Mesa, AZ 9/30/16)

Jennifer has read for me on five occasions over the past few years.  She’s brought through several loved ones, which has been a great comfort.  My brother passed when we were both very young.  I carried the grief with me for over 35 years until she brought him through.  I have never felt such peace in my life.  Since then, I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds.  I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to let go of all the trauma and grief filled energy without her help!  I’m actually comfortable in my own skin, and know what it means to love yourself.  I can’t imagine my life without her as a trusted spiritual advisor.
(Jackie D., Gilbert, AZ 7/31/15)

I first met Jennifer when she came to my house in February 2014. My friends and I were very impressed with both her psychic and mediumship abilities. I have seen a fair number of psychics and mediums, and can attest that Jennifer does not go on "fishing trips" in her readings! When I asked her about up-coming long-distance walk, Jennifer expressed real concern about "water related" dangers around the end of June. However, upon learning that I would be walking in September, she said that everything would be fine by then.
In September, (en route to the start of our walk), we discovered that the main railway bridge had been washed out at the end of June, thanks to heavy rains from a hurricane! As a result, we had to complete our journey by bus. Once we actually started our walk, we found that the trails had been repaired, but also had to do a couple of detours, and there was still a lot of mess from rock slides. Cynics might argue that psychics and mediums just "read" a person's aura, but in this case Jennifer forecast a national disaster 4 months in advance-without even knowing its location-Yay Jennifer!
(P.L, Santan Valley, Az 11/7/14)

Well this is the first time I ever had a reading and boy was I impressed. Jennifer is amazing. There were several people I wanted to connect with and one of them came thru with exactly the answers I have been wanting for over 30 years. My Dad apologized for things that I blamed myself for since I was 12 and hearing the apology was one of the most healing things for me. Jennifer has a truly wonderful gift and I am so glad that she shared it with me and my family. I will definately be calling Jennifer to come back, she is the real thing!!! Thank you Jennifer and I look forward to meeting you again soon!!
(Julie, Gilbert, AZ 11/5/14)

For years I have followed my instincts on many things and listened to that inner voice and more times than none they have come out to be true. I was very skeptical and nervous doing this but after meeting you- your calmness just took over and made me feel I have known you for years. Like all your other testimonials I have read the "WOW" but I want to add you are "OUTSTANDING". You are truly a gifted person. If anybody reads this on your web site take it from me she is one gifted person and you will walk away in "AW". Definately worth it.
(D.B., Mesa, AZ 2/7/14)

I was truly amazed by Jennifer's reading. I have never been to a medium before but earlier this year my father passed away unexpectedly and we were very close. I didn't get to say goodbye and that was eating away at me. I went into the reading with no expectations as I was a sceptic. She told me to bring a notepad and pen in case I wanted to write anything down. Thank goodness I did because I wrote everything down! I can't begin to explain the details that came across. She told me things I didn't even know. After the reading I called my sister in another state to relay the information. One of the things I didn't understand was she saw my dad showing her lots of books and kept showing her his desk in his office. Well, his office is a room in his house and it seemed important to him so I told my sister to go over and start going through his desk and see if anything came across as abnormal. Much to my surprise she called me back and found a book stashed in a desk drawer with money stuck in between the pages. And it was a random book but had everything from dollar bills to hundreds. All in all we found $2500 in the book. And we may not have found it if it weren't for Jennifer. I will be a forever client of Jennifer as I feel very close to my dad before and after her readings.
(K.S., Gilbert, AZ 12/19/13)

Jennifer has done multiple readings for me. If you are looking for the real deal, Jennifer is it. I have met with many mediums over the years and I have had many good experiences but my work with Jennifer was different. She is far more accurate and detailed than anyone I have met before. She is a joy to work with and her gift is undeniable. I am happy I no longer have to keep looking for the ONE. Jennifer is the ONE. Stop thinking about it and call her.
(R.R., Mesa, AZ 11/5/13)

I believed in the afterlife but was a skeptic about Mediums. I had a reading with Jennifer and all I can say is WOW. She told me so many things that no one would have known and she was so pleasant and after my reading I felt such comfort to know that my loved ones are with me. I would recommend her and will have another reading again in the near future, she was amazing.
(L.W., Mesa, AZ 8/13/13)

Jennifer was amazing in a reading she did for me. I am a skeptic by nature (and an Engineer) whose favorite subjects are Statistics and Probability and there is no way that what Jennifer told me where random, generic guesses. What she told me was very, very specific and I was blown away by the things that she told me. I gave her no prior info and she told me things about issues in my life, my family, work, and personal health issues that were beyond accurate and she even gave me advice on how to deal with those problems and they worked. I walked out of her office feeling so much better and ready to deal with things with the insight she provided. Jennifer is amazing and I will definately see her again. She is great!
(A.J., Gilbert, AZ 2/17/13)

This was my first reading with a psychic medium. I did not know what to expect, and received so much more, I was SPEECHLESS. When I met Jennifer at the door, her calming manner immediately put me at ease. Jennifer was 100% ACCURATE in everything she said to me. Jennifer validated that my loved ones, and spirit guides, are with me always. Jennifer knew nothing about me, but once she made contact with my loved ones that had passed, she knew everything about me. Jennifer mentioned events that happened after my loved ones passed, validating they were there and a part of them. I was in AWE!! At the end of my reading, all I could say was WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!! My tears of sadness turned into tears of happiness, knowing that my loved ones are still with me today and always.
Jennifer is the real deal. I cannot wait until my next appointment. Thank you Jennifer, you truly have a special gift.
(T.W., Gilbert, AZ 10/4/12)

Testimonial for appointment 4-20-12. I had been searching for a medium to help me connect with my lost loved ones and Jennifer was that perfect person. She helped me in so many ways by bridging that gap between myself and my lost loved ones. She has a very calming manner that allows you to get the most out of your reading. She also never rushes the reading and ensures you got all you wanted out of it. Having a reading by Jennifer has opened my heart, mind, and soul and gave me much needed answers I never would have known without her! Whatever you are needing or looking for out of your reading you will find with Jennifer!!
(A.V., Mesa, AZ 5/15/12)

I vouch that Jennifer has been blessed with a truly amazing gift! I was at a home where she was giving readings and I had no intention of being read at that time but "spirits" decided differently for me!!! Unexpected passed loved ones of my close earthly beloved's came thru with surprising messages for me. I also witnessed two other astonishing readings that Jennifer gave that day(and in the most simplest of terms) I will say she was "right on the money". Very comforting and life changing messages were given thru Jennifer Rae. The "facts" that Jennifer had said on that day were confirmed to me by the renowned Ghost Whisperer himself James Van Praagh shortly after that. There could not have been a better affirmation!

P.S. In sharing my personal experiences, I do want to mention to anyone who is not familiar with Mediums, there is a thing called psychic amnesia that "could happen" to the person being read, and that is what happened to me! Meaning, that messages from the other side did not immediately resonate with me, but days later I had resounding recognitions of them. It is very important to pay attention to even the littlist of details that are being told to you, as they just might be the biggest validation from those who have crossed-over that they are indeed still with us. I am not trying to be discouraging in my testimony, but both my husband and myself had a delay in understandings of certain messages when we were given a personal reading by James Van Praagh. What seemed almost unbelievable to us at the moment, became invaluable and priceless information to our family. Jennifer Rae is an accurate Medium.
(K.G., Chandler, AZ 5/14/12)

I went to see Jennifer with a friend. We saw her together, but had separate readings. Jennifer told my friend things that were completely different than the things she told me. It affirmed that she doesn't give a "standard" reading and really does connect with each person's energy individually. I have always believed my loved ones who have passed are near to me. Jennifer connected immediately and affirmed they were close. She was also on the mark when describing other people in my life. She was professional and gave positive and comforting information. Thank you, Jennifer, for your time and energy.
(Nancy L., Annapolis, MD 5/2/12)

I had a reading with Jennifer not that long ago, I must say it was 1 of the coolest experiences I've ever had. Weather you believe in psychics or psychic mediums, Jennifer really made a true believer out of me. I will share 1 experience- She had asked me if was pregnant because she felt an extra energy. I told her no and told her that I was unable to conceive. To my surprise 1 week later TaDa! I'm pregnant with my miracle baby! This is such an awesome story to share, weather you're searching for answers or you're just curious or want to try something different, I highly recommend Jennifer. Jennifer thanks for all that you do!
(H.K., Gilbert, AZ 2/29/12)

I saw Jennifer for the first time and was really impressed by my reading. She is very knowledgeable, kind and truly has a gift. She was able to know things that I hadn't told her and the session was really comforting to me and provided many needed answers. I look forward to booking more sessions with her soon.
(M.H., Chandler, AZ 1/21/12)

Jennifer is a wonderful medium. I am always amazed at the messages she gives me from my loved ones. They are things that only myself and my loved ones would have known. It is like I am speaking to them right there. Which I am, it's just that Jennifer is the translator. It is very healing and comforting. To me I knew it would have to be so blatant that I was talking to my loved one or in my mind I would have questioned it. There was no question that I connected.
(T.B., Chandler, AZ 12/13/11)

After meeting with Jennifer, I had a complete sense of peace over the loss of my brother. Jennifer told me things no one knew except my brother and I. Would highly recommend her to anyone seeking information over a lost loved one or anything they need to know. Looking forward to another reading with her again soon.
(Debbie, Chandler, AZ 11/21/11

Jennifer: I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you yesterday and equally enjoyed my reading. I felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders after you left and spent the rest of the day reflecting on things that were said. I woke this morning with a new outlook on life. It's time for me...no more living in the past. Hopefully we will meet again, you are a true delight. Best regards for a great and blessed day!!!
(T.B., Queen Creek, AZ 10/7/11)

I saw Jennifer a week ago, for no particular reason but that there is a lot going on in my life right now and I just needed the assurance that I was moving in the right direction. WOW is all I can say. I got so much more. My dad who passed away 2 years ago came through loud and clear and was soooooooo eager to chat with me. It was amazing. And she was spot on, on everything. I was so impressed that I'm having a Psychic Medium party at my house May 7th, so my friends can be exposed to this remarkable woman.
(Lori Cartwright, Phx, AZ 4/19/11)

My session with Jennifer was great. This was my first ever experience with something like this and I felt comfortable with Jennifer. I was reassured that loved ones were still with me spiritually and was confirmed with information that I had not shared with Jennifer or many other people! I was able to ask questions, receive answers and felt great after my session! I truly enjoyed my session with Jennifer and cannot wait to have a second session!
(L.B., Chandler, AZ 3/3/10)

Jennifer was very professional and direct. She thoroughly impressed me with her calm nature and caring attitude. I walked away feeling completely satisfied and at ease with the reading. She is the ONLY psychic that answered ALL of my questions and then some. Thanks Jennifer!
(A.Z, Scottsdale, AZ 1/13/10)