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Welcome! If you are needing spiritual guidance or counseling, or just want to feel a deeper spiritual connection with loved ones or spirit guides, you have come to the right place. I'm very excited to share my abilities with you! I have always known that I was meant to help others in an uplifting way and that is the purpose for all that I do. My gifts come from God or The Source Energy and I am a Lightworker. I was raised near Gilbert, Az with strong Christian beliefs. Having this foundation in place has made me very confident in saying that in no way have I ever nor will I ever be associated with negative spiritual energies or anything dark. I realize that many have misconceptions about psychics and mediums. I am very aware of various scriptures and teachings in churches regarding this subject. Well, I am here to break the mold! I am a proud member of the new spiritual movement that is sweeping the globe. With my Christian roots and a willingness to trust God, I have evolved. After reading for hundreds of amazing people I have gained a broader understanding of the power of the universe and the power that lies within all of us. I now consider myself a Christian Spiritualist. It's wonderful to experience two beliefs joining together with such harmony!

I would also like to add that I do not "cold read", repeat information back to the client and claim it as my own, or take advantage of people in need of help. I am sincere in this work and hold it in the highest regard.

I realized I had mediumship abilities soon after making my big psychic breakthrough. Its not like what you see in movies or TV. I will never say that I "talk to the dead." That's putting it too casually for my taste. My connection is "feeling" based and then expands from there. I hold this part of my work inside a very sacred place in my heart. I have suffered many losses of loved ones and know the painful struggle of picking up the pieces in the aftermath. Therefore, I approach mediumship with the utmost respect and privacy.

Spiritual Counseling occurs during most of my readings. We all have spirit guides, willing and waiting to be asked to help. If there are past traumas, current struggles, or just blocks that are keeping you from connecting to your best self, spirit guides can help. All that is required from you is an open mind and a willingness to evolve into a better you!

Medical Intuition came into my life just a few years ago. I realized that when I focused specifically on a persons physical body, I could pick up on pockets of energy and determine if the energy was potentially harmful or harmless. I will oftentimes get a set of visions to further explain the energy. This is an ability that I continue to build upon and explore so that I can gain the deepest understanding of it. I am NOT a doctor. I do NOT diagnose. I have NO medical degrees. However, I have helped many people gain a better understanding of what may be hindering their health and quality of life. I always insist that any medical information be used alongside a doctor's care, not in place of it.

I am excited to share that I now offer REIKI treatments! After many years of feeling "hot palms" every time someone brought up energy healing, I decided to take action. I acheived my Master Level certification from the amazing Holly Matthews. I currently offer in-home treatments. This is a new service that I am offering and I'm very excited to help others using the incredible Universal Healing Energy!

I want to thank you for visiting my website! I encourage you to read through my testimonials so hopefully you can make a personal connection with one of my previous clients. Please also refer to my Services and Fees page. I want you to be informed before booking. Please feel free to contact me, though, if you have any questions at all. Texting is best. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you!